Chipsen create a world where IT technology is easily accessible to everyone.


Easy to use

We believe that the benefits of technology should be able to be enjoyed in every part of your works.
Only when the technology can be easily accessible to various environments, various industries, and various people, Chipsen’s products are meaningful. We can not do everything well. But, we always seek the products that can help customers do their best performances and help them make breakthrough ideas. Chipsen’s goal is to design products that can be used by individuals and small companies along with companies with large capital and technology.


We can make it by ourselves, but we co-operate.
Co-operation is faster, more diverse and more powerful than alone, to identify what customers need. to do what we can not do, and to increase customer satisfaction. With cooperation with our partners and customers, we make developments. And we hope to bring about a positive change for everyone.

Quality Control

Check, check and check again.
Often, our products become part of a customer's product or a component of a Solution. We know that the problem of our products can be a whole problem, so we review and manage it before hand to prevent it from occurring. We worry about the quality of availability, not just the quality of the product itself,but we can deliver a higher level of product. Therefore, we fully recognize that the problem of our products is not just our own, it can be a problem across the board. so we continue to check and manage it beforehand to prevent. We focus not only on the quality of the product itself, but also on usability / support. And as a result, we can supply high-quality products to customers.


Sales / Marketing

We are in charge of sales and online / off-line marketing activities so that products with the heart of Chipsen can reach customers well.


We are in charge of providing Chipsen products to customers' needs. We will help you to use your order easily and safely.


Wireless Experts develops finished products and modules with wireless communication solutions to satisfy customers.

Management support team

It manages all departments, including personnel, general affairs, finance, accounting, procurement planning, purchasing, ordering, and management.




We develop cutting edge technology, convenient user experience, durability soundness with delicacy. We provide solutions assisting our clients' projects.


We supply industrial serial communication products such as serial data embedded module, audio module and RS232 using Bluetooth. We value the customer’s need as top priority.


Innovative wire-to-wire jow connector and various types of wire connectors, memory sockets, and RF connectors are on available.


We deal in the products and technologies developed / produced by our company and the help of our excellent partners, and by conducting online marketing, we strive to reach customers in advance.

Tech support

In addition to developing and selling products, we focus on technical support services, and we operate dedicated helpdesk services and support team.

Do you have any more questions about chipsen?

Chipsen is open - minded about everything new to people, technology and products. Please feel free to contact us